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Product Name :

Teeth Impression Kit

Product Description :

2016 New innovation – CE and FDA approved – Food grade odorless silicone impression kit – Has supreme restoration property, thixotropic property, shape stability and hydrophilicity.


$ 7.50 (100 Kits)

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Product Details

Package Contents: 3 sets of white impression putty, 3 sets of blue impression putty, 2 x plastic impression trays (universal, one size fits all).

Ingredients: Vinyl polysiloxane, silica, food class fillings, Pt catalyst.

Packaging: Shipped in 5 layer corrugated cardboard cartons.

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 kits

Supply Ability: 10,000 kits per month (20 days lead time)

Quality Standard: CE, ISO 9001-2000, FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Approved.

Step 1: Prepare For Impressions: Before you begin to make the impressions, start by brushing and flossing thoroughly. Cleaning your teeth is important for the perfect impressions.

Step 2: Mix Catalyst & Base Paste: Remove 1 set of catalyst (white) and base (blue) paste from their containers and begin mixing them until they become a solid blue. Mix the two pastes for exactly 45 seconds. Do not mix and prepare both trays at once (repeat steps 2 through 4 for the upper and lower teeth). 

Mixing the catalyst and base paste triggers a hardening process that occurs within roughly a total of 4 minutes. In the event you make an error on one of your impressions, the teeth whitening tray creation kit comes with 3 sets of material.

Step 3: Place Mixed Putty In Tray: Set putty in the tray. Make an effort to spread it evenly within 30 seconds. 

Once set, let it sit for 1 minute before progressing to step 4. The red arch shown on the image represents the best position for your teeth when taking the impression in step 4.

Step 4: Make Impressions: Position your teeth in the center of the impression material to avoid the teeth from coming in contact with the walls of the impression tray. Using your hands you will press the material into your teeth. The impression material should cover your gum lines. 

Do not remove until 1:30 minutes has passed. Do not wiggle when removing the semi-hardened impressions from your mouth. Once removed from your mouth, let the impressions sit for 30 minutes.