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Buy Authentic Hygetropin™️ – Somatropin – rHGH!

Gene Gain Pro Ltd is pleased to announce its cooperation with the official manufacturer of Hygetropin™️ (Black & Green Tops). We now have distribution rights to supply genuine Hygetropin™️Recombinant Human Growth Hormone for Injection, Somatropin/HGH, rDNA Origin, EP/USP/CP/WHO Standard, manufactured by Hygene Pharma. We are now offering the 100IU kit, 10 x 10IU black top vials and the 200IU kit, 25 x 8IU green top vials.

1. To ensure your Hygetropin™️ (Black Tops & Green Tops) are authentic you must first look at the top right-hand corner to see if your anti-counterfeit sticker is intact.

2. You should then gently scratch off the silver ink panel to reveal your unique 16-digital verification code.

3.  Lastly type in the verification code on the official Hygetropin™️ website, to verify whether your kit is genuine or fake